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Elementor Popup doesnt run with Contact Form 7

When you click Submit button (CF7) even if the form has errors in its fields, this ajax errors arent notified.. popup is closed automatically and you are redirected to https://www.easywayb.com/#wpcf7-f297-o1, the popup should not be closed automatically , you should be closed clicking to close or after a number of seconds that you define how it happens in other plugins as “popup maker”, but always when the submit is successful

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Solution here :

jQuery( document ).on( 'elementor/popup/show', ( event, id, instance ) => {
jQuery( '.elementor-popup-modal form.wpcf7-form' ).each( ( index, formElement ) => {
// store from i
$cf7From = jQuery( formElement );
// re-init for cf7 form.
wpcf7.init( $cf7From[0] );
// add class to avoid running again
$cf7From.addClass( 'elementor' );
} );
} );

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