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EasyWayB is the reputed digital marketing agency established in Kolkata. We are renowned as an online marketing strategies, PPC (Pay Per Click), email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and ecommerce agency in Kolkata as well as India. Also you can expect other marketing strategies from us as well. We happily deliver the realistic solution to both of our foreign and Indian clients.

Our dedicated and passionate team of experts provide most suitable marketing solution to deliver desired result on time. We have great expertise to implement modern e-marketing knowledge that will help in solving complex business matters and deliver most appropriate solution.

As the trusted & an affordable digital marketing services company in India, our team truly believes in rendering strategies, smart marketing planning and creativity with most effective digital marketing campaigns.

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Reasons to select our digital marketing services

Proper approach towards business

In case you want a smart solution as your business approach, we can be your ideal companion. We as the digital marketing agency never claim to be the top one in India; instead emphasise to speak on our areas of specialisations in digital marketing. To compete amongst sharpest Industrial minds, EasyWayB is the correct agency to provide result-driven digital marketing services.

Full result-oriented strategy

We, the internet marketing company in India never keep you waited for outcome! Since, we are offered with the project, our active participation can deliver the best possible outcome. Our experts will speak with you to understand the possible solutions of your business demands.

Your trusted companion

Our team has the expertise in every marketing tool ranging from social media marketing to email marketing to SEO. We can accompany you to expand your business in its best possible way providing total passion and commitment as your priorities are our goal. That’s the way we develop our strategy.

Our digital marketing services include

As the most renowned digital marketing agency in India, we associate with every kind of industry ranging from well-established enterprises to small-scale industries. Whether you want to promote business or enhance the web traffic just search with “digital marketing agency near me” EasyWayB can be found there and we can perfectly complete the task for you.

Our digital marketing services in India

Search Engine Optimization

We have experienced and professional SEO analysts for improving visibility on search engine result pages. More visitors will get attracted enhancing the website traffic. Even without using updated SEO efforts, we can assist you to enhance the organic ranking in search engines.

Socialand Display Advertising

To trigger the brand awareness, we will carry out influential campaign for social media advertising. It includes newsletter and email marketing to convince the users to buy any product or sign up.

Social Media Marketing

With our online marketing company, we will let you to build long-term and healthy relationships with potential customers and clients. It is really imperative to gain over the loyalty of potential users amidst social media platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to promote your business online. Search with “social media marketing agency near me” on SERP’s you can find us there also.

Search Engine Marketing

You will able to find potential customers who are relentlessly looking for you to obtain quality business solutions. On behalf of you we will create advertisements for special keywords which often used by the searchers. SEM includes PPC (Pay Per Click) ads which need to pay for the ad that clicks by the users. Being the popular digital marketing company, we are having good grasp in offering PPC.

Content Marketing

Being the most integral part of online marketing, promote high-quality, engaging and rich content for attracting new visitors and trigger the value of existing list. As the digital marketing company, we bring numerous content marketing forms such as newsletter, research,, product review, infographics, press releases, videos and audios.

Video Marketing

To develop emotional relation with the users we will fulfil your demands via using our long experiences of video marketing. It experiences rapid expansion and turn out to be very popular to communicate with the target audience.

Email Marketing

We will let you achieve customer preferences and generate leads via email marketing. We will make sure that the users can see the email right to family, friends and others.

eCommerce Marketing

We love to collaborate with the businesses which sell the products online with our eCommerce SEO. We can carry out several successful campaigns for both restructured businesses and start-ups.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Due to the increased traffic, the visitors will convert into potential customers. Our expert team will ensure that visitors stay for long on the page to take the action.

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