Premium Content Marketing in Kolkata

Every content piece you prepared acts as the influential to build awareness of your brand, simply making the positive experience to the website users, boosting or acquiring links and educating the targeted audience. Content must be relevant and informative ensuring it reaches to the potential customers who are actually looking what you have in store for them.

Our excellent team of content marketing strategists will understand the business goals explicitly to formulate the perfect strategy to derive positive outcomes.

While searching for content marketing service, choose the content marketing agency in Kolkata, India which devotes much time in knowing the brand well.

Then, the analysts come up with fresh and innovative tailor-made content marketing strategies. Only a reliable agency will take positive approach for product marketing via various channels like social media platform and SEO.

Our process of content writing

Offsite and onsite strategy

Content marketing is completely about well-planned strategy. Our experts prepare both offsite and onsite content plan to develop unique and informative content to attract the targeted audience through which you will you can receive business objectives.

Influencer research/outreach

We use latest methods to search for the eligible influencers to build long-term relationship and let them delve into high quality content.

Creative copywriting

EasyWayB gives access to the dedicated team of content writers and editors who have created unique content creation that keeps the visitors engaged and converts them into buyers.

Exposure to paid content

EasyWayB understands well which paid channels can get maximum exposure to create your brand. It is generally done using paid social media strategies which are targeted and other paid sources dedicated to receive proper eyeball for the content.

Creative campaigns

Along with marketing campaign, you need ideas from referral traffic, link acquisition and online coverage. Our expert team can bring innovative and fresh ideas to help your brand to stand alone from the crowd and reach the message to more potential audience.

Link acquisition

Domain strength and rank of the search engine are possible to improve by attracting top quality links to your site. Our distinctive content marketing strategies will enable you access to content and ideas which will bring quality links to the niche.

Video creation and optimisation

You can influence the visitors to spend more time on the website by video creation and turn them into potential customers. Video actually popularises the brand and becomes an integral part of marketing campaign. Video optimisation can benefit you with maximum traction from search engines along increased keyword research and click-through rates.

Audience research and analysis

EasyWayB learns regarding targeted audience and understands how to provide them to coherent content at a regular basis. We make use of listening and social marketing techniques, data influencer analysis and research for identification of target audiences like what they want to share and to whom and their inspiration too.

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Content marketing types we offer

Blog posting

Being seasoned player in content marketing services in Kolkata, we firmly believe that blog posts are most powerful techniques to produce valuable and intriguing blogging in marketing for the website.


An attractive infographic is the part of graphic design which makes the information attractive to the viewers and will educate them too. Distribute the branded infographics developed by the content writers of EasyWayB, you can find new user who discovered your company. This trick has been already successful for our existing clients.


Viewers mostly preferred comedic, instructive and educative video content only. Besides sharing the video content to your site, our team will promote and optimise it on various video networking sites such as YouTube for better reach. video marketing, generate leads and increase the audience at the same time.

Case studies

It is a better way for displaying the result of using any service or product. For more case studies, you have the chance for cross-promotion or use the content as reference to other content like videos and blog posts. We compose compelling case studies for business promotion.


As the renowned content marketing service provider in India, EasyWayB composes e-books carefully and delivers it to the clients for excellent result.

White papers and reports

Most industries publish white papers and reports and use them to create an authorised name of the agency. They used to provide relevant information regarding their businesses. Most often it is compared with E-book but the slight different is it displays the information in professional approach with less content and more data.